Lightning Bolt Patch

Lightning Bolt Patches can be used as incentives in any sport.

Lightning Bolt Patches are an excellent way to motivate players to achieve goals. The circle of the Lightning Bolt Patch™ represents the team and reminds us that everything that happens is within the team, and that the team holds us together.

It is a Lightning Bolt (it has a bolt on each end) - one for offense and one for defense because both provide the spark a team needs and both are equally important. The bolt is held together by a middle, which in soccer represents the midfield.

You can change the symbolism to fit your sport.

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Lightning Patch

"I was amazed at the effort they displayed to earn the patches and how motivated they became to learn the skill. I have had several parents tell me stories of how their children talk about getting practice time in at home so they can earn another patch." Coach Hal, Texas, U.S.A.

"By the way, the Patches are still working. My team beat a team (2-0 ) that they would not have had a chance with 4 weeks ago. Thank you!" Coach Curtis, USA

"Awesome! Thanks so much. We love these patches. This is our teams second order. I can't believe how these motivate the kids! It's amazing to see such a turnaround in our team. Thanks again for a great product!" Coach Larissa, Arizona, USA

"I bought soccer patches for my daughter's soccer team last summer from SoccerHelp. I had to place a couple of orders last year for the soccer patches. They proved to be a HUGE incentive to the girls. The patches were so much fun for the girls that I thought I would try to find some for her softball team. Thanks for a great product!" Coach Tisha, CA, U.S.A.